We are Woolworths’ retained instore agency


We create best in class instore communications from Tier 1 seasonal or promotional campaign activations, to vendor - led category campaigns to redesigning an electronic shelf labelling unit.

Everyday we apply our Shopper insight, deep knowledge of buying habits and understanding of the retail space to deliver breakthrough work to the Woolworths system.


Building Fresh into Everyday

As Today’s Fresh Food People, celebrating Australian fresh is still at the heart of everything Woolworths do. Their goal is to inspire everybody to eat seasonal fresh food, grown right here in Australia, and our remit is to bring this to life in the instore environment. We drive it off shelf, at POS, to key target audiences and across the seasonal range of fruit & vegetables

Value Baked in

Demonstrating value for shoppers is baked into all our campaigns; however at times we’re called on to demonstrate all the ways shoppers can save. Our campaigns elevate value beyond standard P&P (often overlooked outside products purchased) to capture shoppers’ attention. The canvas is relevant, clear and unmissable.

Seasonal Programmes – Merry Christmas from The Fresh Food People

We build seasonal events from Diwahli to Halloween The highlight is always Christmas. Results for the Christmas season continue to improve year on year with the in store experience striking the right balance of festive, fun and practical: helping make the Christmas shop better for everyone.